Car Care Tips You Must Know!

Maintaining is always better than repair it! We should maintain and regularly service our car to avoid any kind of mishaps down the road which can be both dangerous and costly. 💸💸

Here’s some easy guidance & checklist of tips for your car to be in its optimal condition:



Car Engine oil is recommend to be replaced in every 10,000km.

Apa tu engine oil? Easy, engine oil for lubrication. It works as a lubricator to ensure everything inside engine runs smoothly by reducing friction between the metal components inside engine.

So, make sure you aware of it’s replacement period to ensure your car’s engine performance always at the best level!




Car Battery is recommend to be replaced in every 2-3 years.

Car batteries have their lifespan and age over time. Most car batteries worn down and inefficient within 3 years under normal conditions. An inefficient batteries might cause difficulty on starting car, low power of electrics, dashboard warning sign, etc.

Hence, checking / replacing your car’s battery every 2-3 years will ensure your car running at its best and more importantly help you avoid embarrassing at roadside with a breakdown car. Woi, cepat check, nanti battery KONG baru tau.




Aircond compressor oil is recommend to be replaced in every 35,000km.

Similar to engine oil, car air-cond compressor oil served as a lubricator and help cool the various moving parts in the compressor. Many of us doesn’t even aware that our car’s A/C compressor needs oil at all! It’s one of those crucial aspect to ensure our car’s A/C cold, works properly and prevent our A/C compressor damaged.

So, cepat check! Nanti long journey panasssss and no air cond baru tau!



Brake Fluid is recommend to be replaced in every 40,000km / 2 years.

Brake fluid is crucial component for your car’s braking system, it’s part of the hydraulic system that makes your brake works! Lacking of brake fluid will cause the car’s brake to lose their effectiveness (Not responsive/feels spongy) and lead to dangerous driving experience.

So, cepat check! Bahaya tau? Nanti brake x makan!



Transmission Fluid is recommend to be replaced in every 40,000km.

Transmission fluid helps to lubricate and cool the transmission while also assisting transfer engine power to your transmission. If you ever experience that your car’s transmission’s not smooth when shifting gears, it might be the time to replace your transmission fluid.

So, cepat check! Nanti gearbox ada problem baru tau!



Power Steering Fluid is recommend to be replaced in every 40,000km/ 2 years.

Power steering fluid plays a important role in your steering system, and it makes turning your wheel much more easier! Lack of this fluid might cause heavy steering wheel, noisy steering functions and other control difficulties.

So, cepat check! Nanti steering mcm kancil baru tau!



Tires are recommend to be replaced in every 4 years.

Tires are an extremely important part of your car’s safety. It’s dangerous when the tires’ tread becomes too thin and rubber is degraded by time. An aged tires easy getting flat,  blowout or sketchy grip can lead to an accident.

So, cepat check! You ingat you drives F1? Botak, no treads?



Tires Pressure are recommend to be checked every month / before long-distance drive.

Ensuring your tires pressure correct is extremely important to both the vehicles itself and your safety. An under-inflated tires might lead to an dangerous accident, affect fuel economy and your tires’ longetivity!

So, cepat check! Banyak case highway tayar pecah tu la, x cukup angin!



Spark Plug is recommend to be replaced every 50,000km.

Many of us thought that when the car has trouble starting, it must be the car’s battery issues. Well, it doesn’t always that case, old / faulty spark plug might be the caused! These spark plugs offers a lots of benefits to our cars, not only smoothen our car start-up performance, increase the fuel efficiency and even improved horsepower.

So, cepat check! nanti kereta susah start!



Lastly, go WASH and CLEAN your car every 2 weeks!

Protect that car paint and remove the interior bacteria.


——Take care of your car so that your car takes care of you. ❤️

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